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Slivered Chaos
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December 2004
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玉林 [userpic]

As of far, there is only one chracter I am definite on, which is Prince Charming. The story is set in a fantasy steampunk time genre and period.

Prince Charming kind of physically fits the stereotype of his name on the outside, however, that's to fool others what an utter bastard he is on the inside. Very much a character with a 'fresh' attitude, he enjoys egging on people, and has many hidden motives and agendas.

The prince:
-is a cat lover
-is quite intelligent
-is highly Machiavellian
-is excellent at swordsmanship

This may be subject to change.

NOTE: The rest of the chapters are hidden under friends-only lock.

玉林 [userpic]

Once upon a time, far through the splintered reaches of daydream fragments, an image flickered to life. The scene set by this vision was the monochrome white of a moonlit, winter night. In the far landscape, the silhouette of a large, four-legged animal leapt gracefully through the snow, prancing around the lake with reckless abandon… Until a car slammed head-on to its flanks.

It toppled over on the ice like a stone.

The gilt car door swung open and a man sprung out, his cape billowing violently in the face of an icy blast of wind. Boots crunched against the frozen ground as he surveyed the automobile, then tapped the metal, proclaiming, "Amazing, not a dent."

Holding his gloved fingers over his eyes, he noticed the fallen creature through the swirling flurries. Taking a closer took, he nudged it with his foot. No sign of life.

"Not another one." He withdrew a linen handkerchief from his coat and wiped distastefully at the blood smeared across his boots. "Never liked white horses, anyways." He turned to the driver. "Miles! Take care of the carcass, would you? Can't leave it here, someone might have an accident."

"Yes, your majesty."

The headlights of the vehicle cast bright rays onto the glittering snow as the servant, leaving the engine sputtering, pulled out a shovel, pickaxe, and hunting knife from the trunk and began to make a hasty, but crude attempt at burial. Over the clunk of ice breaking against ground, a glimmer of gold caught the prince’s attention.

His eyes widened. "It’s a unicorn…" He held out his arm to stop Miles.

"Wait. The alicorn. Give it to me. It will make a good present for a particular someone I know." Miles proceeded to grip the unicorn by its white mane, hacking into it’s forehead with the hunting knife. When the flesh was cut away from the base, he yanked it out from the skull with a dull crack. The creature spasmed and kicked out one final time, luckily missing both men.

He wiped the bleeding end of the horn clean on the frost and handed it to the prince. Despite the faintly pinkish root, the graceful spiral of the gold horn seemed to glow with a resplendent light.

"No wonder unicorns are nearly extinct. If I were jumping around like a half-wit nancy, I hope someone would flatten me for the betterment of our kingdom," the prince said with derisive smile.

He put the horn in his pockets.  ^______^

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